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John Darrin

  • The Rockets' Red Glare

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WAR wants an America free of Jews and blacks and anyone else who isn’t a white Christian. Al Qaeda wants a Middle-East free of any infidels, and a world dominated by Islam. When circumstances bring these two together, things will get hot. And 60,000 curies of radioactive Cesium will turn up the temperature.

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Book Facts

Auhtor: John Darrin

Title: The Rockets' Red Glare


Pages: N/A

Distributor: N/A

Category: Fiction/Thriller

The Rockets' Red Glare

An unlikely alliance of terrorists threatens to shut down America with a spectacular dirty bomb celebration.

An al Qaeda team gains access to a huge supply of radioactive cesium and plans a deadly July 4th fireworks display over 12 American cities.

America’s national security forces focus on al Qaeda, while their allies, the soldiers of the White Aryan Resistance. are free to pursue the cataclysmic scheme. Cal Bellotta, a terror expert, and Ray Nassiri, an American Muslim and government computer genius, form a partnership that frustrates and inspires the national security apparatus as they peel away the layers of deception.

The chase is on, and as Cal and Ray close in, the terrorists lash out, and now there are just three bombs left and only hours until they explode. In Montana, WAR is holed up in its fortified compound. In Venezuela, al Qaeda is hiding out. In Washington, everyone is searching desperately for the bombs.

And for Cal and Ray, being right doesn’t matter if it’s too late.


John Darrin
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