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John Darrin

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"... a satisfying debut thriller" that "... keeps readers on the edge of their seats." Booklist

Every week, a mad entrepreneur presents an execution, the live, real-time murder of someone who probably deserves it.

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Book Facts

Title: Screenshot

Auhtor: John Darrin

Pages: 416

Distributor: Independent Publishers Group (IPG)

Category: Fiction/Thriller

Law Of The Pack

Interactive, pay-per-view assassinations, live on the Internet. And you can pull the trigger.

The Rehabinator shreds the bricks and beams of a rowhouse, and the drug dealer standing in front of it. The controlled lightning of the Pediphryer locks onto an infamous pedophile, thrashing him around like a rodeo cowboy on an angry bull, and cooking him just about medium-rare. The Musliminator blasts a three-ton SUV off the ground, and gravity returns it, leaving the terrorist and his entourage looking like charcoal.

Screenshot is on the air, and the paying public lines up to watch the carnage. A crackpot scientist holds the key to bursting this dot.com bubble, and a free-lance writer and a rogue FBI computer geek must use it to unlock the secret of his identity.Book Review

As they get closer to the truth, Screenshot targets them for a new weapon. And the FBI itself thinks they’re involved. So the race is on, and second place is last place.

SCREENSHOT – where virtual reality gets real.


John Darrin
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