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John Darrin

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"No one ever listened themselves out of a job." - Calvin Coolidge


With more than 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry and radiation safety, John Darrin has demonstrated a proven leadership ability, focusing on analysis/strategic planning, developing sales teams and channels, establishing and exceeding sales goals, and recruiting and mentoring colleagues and staff. Most recently, he has applied his knowledge and efforts in radiological emergency preparedness.

John began his executive career as the Vice President and General Manager at Duratek Corporation, a company he co-founded in 1978. At Duratek, he successfully led the company through several ownership changes and prepared it for a successful IPO. During his 7 ½ years there, John cultivated his philosophy that extraordinary effort is always expected, but results are what count.

In 1985 he was hired by Pacific Nuclear Systems in Seattle as their Vice President of Technical Sales. He was challenged to direct sales efforts and grow market share, and through his knowledge and perseverance, John was able to increase sales by 60% by focusing on large multi-million clients and projects.

In 1987, John became the President of Rados Technology Inc., the American arm of the multi-national electronics manufacturer, in Columbia, MD. Through his planning and implementation efforts, he was able to achieve record sales for 8 consecutive years, as well as introducing new products and systems to the world market.  Acknowledged as a capable and  visionary leader, John worked with his counterparts in other countries to establish Rados as the cutting-edge technology company in radiation monitoring.

After his long tenure with Rados Technology, John decided to start his own firm John Darrin, Inc. where he currently consults for various companies and agencies around the country, including Ardexus Corp, Duratek Corp, China Nuclear Engineering Industrial Corp. (CNEIC), and Canberra-Packard Canada Ltd. Most recently, he has worked with General Atomics developing an entirely new approach to the design, marketing, and sales of radiation safety instruments for non-professionals such as those affected by the Fukushima disaster.

With his current contract coming to a close, John is looking for other consulting opportunities that will allow him to successfully implement a new radiation safety paradigm that will better protect industry professionals and emergency responders.

For more information on John Darrin, please visit his websites at RadiationSafetyInfo.com and JohnDarrin.co and follow him in LinkedIn and Facebook.

John Darrin
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