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People should stand in line to get my life. It's been that good.

I offer that because nothing I write should be taken as self-pity. As we all know, stuff happens, and some of it happened to me. I think of it as the balloon payment on the mortgage of my life.

In early 2008, I gave away the material embodiments of my life away. First to family, then to friends, and finally, for the unique items that no one else wanted (like the 5' simulated palm tree with holographic fronds) to charity. I bought a 36' travel trailer, a 1-ton pick-up truck, and a motorcycle, and then I hoisted sail to let the wind do as it pleased.

I started on the Maine seacoast, aimed south. At Georgia, turn right and skim the Gulf of Mexico, transit Texas the long way, Beaumont to El Paso, winter in New Mexico and Arizona, and then drag 24,000 pounds across the deserts and plateaus of the southwest and then up and down the Rockies. At Wyoming, turn right again and see the Badlands and the Dells and then follow the Mississippi back south.

Somewhere along the line, I might stop, and that will be home.

I will be writing about it along the way on John Darrin Travel Blog.

I will be posting some pictures on John Darrin Picture Journey.

Enjoy the ride. I intend to.

John Darrin
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