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John Darrin

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The Third Life - Consultant and Author and Vagabond

My Third Life began in 2007 with the death of my wife of 38 years, Anne, after a long illness. Having established a successful (and fully mobile) consulting practice, I found myself without roots for the first time. Replacing roots with wheels, I embarked on the Go Places/Meet People/Do Things Tour of America.


I am a consultant on nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness. My work in radiation safety and in the nuclear industry has taken me all over the world, from China to Finland, from Central America to Canada, and includes dismantling obsolete nuclear reactors, the safe treatment and disposal of nuclear weapons waste, the recovery from the Three Mile Island accident, and manufacturing electronic instruments to monitor radiation.

Most experts believe a radioactive materials dirty bomb attack in the US is inevitable. I am one of them, and I earn a living consulting with Federal, state, and local authorities and private enterprise on how to prepare and respond.


My first book, The Law of the Pack, won first prize in an international novel competition. By then, the second manuscript, Screenshot, was nearly completed and both books were offered to publishers as a two-book deal. Screenshot was scheduled for release in 2009 by Kunati Books, and The Law of the Pack will follow soon. The third book in the series, The Rockets’ Red Glare, will be completed in mid-2011. Two non-fiction books are in development.


The Tour began in early 2008 at the seacoast in southern Maine. Over eighteen months, it will cover 8,000 miles, 32 states, 800 gallons of diesel fuel. Somewhere along the way, I may park the rig and stay.

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The Second Life - Husband and Father and Businessman

For most of my adult life, I lived the American dream - home, family, work.


I married Anne Schenendorf in 1969. We met when my younger sister married her older brother. Ours was a long, loving, and wondrous relationship.


Wasting no time, Joshua was born in 1970, ten months after the wedding. He is today a husband and father and successful businessman in his own right, and a source of pride and joy.


Starting as a laborer in the nuclear power industry, I trained for and became a radiation safety expert, and then moved to project management, business management, and then sales and marketing. I am responsible for several successful start-up companies that were later acquired. Along the way, I helped Josh start an award-winning cybercafe.

The First Life - Son and Brother and Student

Born in the early wave of Baby Boomers, I grew up in interesting times, and took advantage of the opportunities and experiences offered.


Born in Syracuse, NY, the second of three children.


In addition to my older brother and younger sister, I gained two step-brothers and a half-brother when my mother re-married.


High school was a private men's boarding school, Manlius Military Academy, outside Syracuse, NY, only 400 miles from our family home in Maryland. College at Colgate University, where I majored in History with a minor in Literature, and was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

John Darrin
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